Dr Jonathan Williamson

Respiratory and Sleep Physician

Dr Jonathan Williamson is a respiratory and sleep physician who trained in Sydney, interstate and overseas in Heidelberg, Germany. He is a Consultant Respiratory and Sleep Physician at Liverpool Hospital and a Visiting Medical Officer at Macquarie University Hospital. He consults in rooms at Macquarie University Clinic.  Dr Williamson's practice covers a wide range of respiratory and sleep pathologies including asthma, COPD, lung and airway infections, emphysema, sleep disorders and lung cancer with a sub specialised interest in airway interventions including rigid bronchoscopy, cryotherapy, endoscopic valves, airway stents and managing central airway obstruction.

After completing his respiratory and sleep training in NSW Dr Jonathan Williamson undertook PhD studies at the University of Western Australia investigating new ways to image the lungs. Dr Jonathan Williamson directs the interventional bronchoscopy unit at Liverpool Hospital with access to the latest state of the art equipment for advanced bronchoscopic interventions. He also performs procedures at Macquarie University Hospital working collaboratively with other interventional bronchoscopists in a centre supported by Olympus Australia as the NSW bronchoscopy centre of excellence. Dr Williamson was recently elected co-convener of the Interventional Pulmonology Special Interest Group of the TSANZ.



Respiratory Physician and Sleep Doctor

Macquarie University Clinic

Dr Williamson consults patients in the newly established Macquarie University Hospital Clinic where a lung function laboratory and sleep unit are currently under development. He performs outpatient bronchoscopy procedures in the adjacent Macquarie University Hospital.

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Respiratory Physician Practising at Macquarie University Hospital Clinic

Liverpool Hospital

Dr Williamson has an appointment as a Staff Specialist in the Department of Respiratory Medicine at Liverpool Hospital.  He runs outpatient clinics, bronchoscopy lists, sleep investigations and is involved in teaching programs for medical students and junior doctors.

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Respiratory Physician Liverpool Hospital


View Dr Williamsons latest video presentation Advanced Treatments for COPD.

Dr Williamson's latest journal publication was published in 2017. Thoracic Ultrasound: What Non-radiologist Need to Know.

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